27 Dec 2017
No longer busted flat in Coachella!
Which you know already if you follow on facebook or instagram…
I got paid, so did Elysia, she’s been beading and crafting.

Made it to Slab City, did most of our laundry in Calipatria. Now back to Coachella for a Winco for food and water and an overnight or two.

Where we were. And will be again soon.
The other vehicles appear to live here.
Here being a patch of sand next to the Love’s truck stop.

Working freelance web development, for nonprofits, both the organization, and by extension, myself.
Enough to get by, sometimes we’d sure welcome a boost.


If you’d like to browse our Amazon List, there are some things we still need, other things we’d like… a gift card is always welcome also!

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